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Suzhou IE-Tech Co., Ltd,( English acronym is SIE), nowadays, is located in Suzhou High-tech District.
Its original name was Suzhou Instrument Elements Factory, which was founded in 1958, and initially affiliated to State Ministry of Machinery Industry in Beijing. In October 2003, this company was successfully transformed into a limited liability company.
This company originally was also an organization in focusing on Research and Development, which was directed by State Ministry of Machinery Industry. SIE consists of six Functional Departments, one Research Institute, one Development Room and four Manufacturing Workshops. More than 20 years ago, Flexible PCB (Printed Circuit Board) was a national research project which initially was directly managed by Chinese Government, and then, SIE was assigned to conduct this project so as to develop and produce this Flexible PCB Project; hence SIE should be the first domestic supplier of Flexible Printed Circuit Board in history.

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General Information of Connector
FPC Producer:Suzhou IE-Tech。,Co Ltd (SIE)
Max Size:50 Cubic cent imeter
Material: Diversity types of Plastic+ Metal
Surface Treatment: Au,Tin,Ni etc
Min Tolence: 0.01 Mirco Meter